Masonic Nets

The following is a list of Masonic Amateur Radio Nets held in and near Ohio.

Additions to this list are welcome by contacting the SIG coordinator listed below.

The Trestleboard Net
Originating in Cleveland
Sunday evenings on 28.495 mHz at 2030 ET(0130Z, 0030Z DST)
Tuesdays on the 146.73 mHz repeater at 2100 ET (0200Z, 0100Z DST)
Ohio Masonic Fellowship Net, W8QV
Sunday evenings on 3.865 mHz at 2130 ET (0230Z, 0130Z DST)
Net Control: W.B. John Sutherin, K8DHC
Marion, OH
20 Meter Masonic Fellowship Net
Monday-Friday on 14.328 mHz at 1100 ET (1600Z, 1500Z DST)
Net Controls: Dave KD5RHL Thursday and Friday, Barb KD5SVX also on Friday
Larry, N7LAR Monday, Jim N0TUI Tuesday
Chuck W4CTC on Wednesday
Michigan Masonic Fellowship Net
Sunday afternoons on 7233 mHz at 1400 ET (1900Z, 1800Z DST
Net Control: W.B. John M. Akkala, W8AT
Marquette, MI
QCWA Chapter No. 1
Cleveland, OH
Wednesdays at 2000 ET (0100Z, 0000Z DST) on the 146.88 repeater
Net Control: Craig D. Kollai
Masonic Gathering Net on Echolink
Node 83055 – Sunday, 8:30 PM CST


  1. Very interesting, I am a Master Mason and a member of Nelms Lodge #323 in Smyrna, GA of which I am a PM. My callsign is KK4AC (Extra Class)and would like to know how I can become a member of— Hiram’s Hams

  2. Are the nets listed, especially the 20m net, still active?


  3. I am pretty sure I heard K8DHC identify on 3865 just before 0230 UTC on Christmas Eve, but unfortunately for me, my antenna isn’t set up well to do 80m to Ohio, and between that and the yahoos yakking on 3863 and essentially QRMing 3865 for me, I’m not sure if that net ran or not. It being the holiday, I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t, but that’s as close to a Masonic net running that I’ve heard since I was licensed in 2013.

    I just run 100W barefoot into a G5RV that’s probably close to end-on to Ohio (no other way to orient it here, unfortunately) so that may be part of the problem, too. But I can say that I’ve listened for the 20m net before and never heard it.

    Anyway, 73, S&F, and Merry Christmas to all!
    Nathan Brindle, PM KC9YTJ
    (Secretary-Treasurer, The Masonic Society)
    PS: If there is a slightly-earlier comment pending for me, please feel free to delete it; I hit the wrong key and I’m not sure what happened to it.)

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