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We hope to start publishing a newsletter again in the near future.  It has been several years since one has been published when they were sent by snail mail to our members.  We have a few past issues of our newsletter in PDF which may be accessed below.  WB Dennis Moriarty, K8AGB has graciously offered his binders of past issues to be scanned to PDF and added to our collection.  It may be that we will offer a copy of the archive to future and current members upon a base donation.

Past issues available: Links with N/A at end are not yet available online.

June, 2002, Volume VIII, Issue 6
July, 2002, Volume VIII, Issue 7
August, 2002, Volume VIII, Issue 8
September, 2002, Volume VIII, Issue 9
October, 2002, Volume VIII, Issue 10
November, 2002, Volume VIII, Issue 11
December, 2002, Volume VIII, Issue 12

January, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 1
February, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 2
March, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 3
April, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 4
May, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 5
June, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 6
July, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 7 N/A
August, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 8 N/A
September, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 9 N/A
October, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 10 N/A
November, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 11 N/A
December, 2003, Volume IX, Issue 12

January, 2004, Volume X, Issue 1
February, 2004, Volume X, Issue 2
March, 2004, Volume X, Issue 3 N/A
April, 2004, Volume X, Issue 4 N/A
May, 2004, Volume X, Issue 5
June, 2004, Volume X, Issue 6
July, 2004, Volume X, Issue 7 N/A
August, 2004, Volume X, Issue 8 N/A
September, 2004, Volume X, Issue 9
October, 2004, Volume X, Issue 10
November, 2004, Volume X, Issue 11
December, 2004, Volume X, Issue 12 N/A

January, 2005, Volume XI, Issue 1
February/March, 2005, Volume XI, Issue 2
April, 2005, Volume XI, Issue 3
May/June, 2005, Volume XI, Issue 4
July, 2005, Volume XI, Issue 5

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  1. Thank you for posting the back issues of Hirams Hams. I was on the mailing list for quite a while and eventually lost the snailmail issues and was delighted to see them here again. It does appear that some of the issues are restricted and a few non existent.

    Thanks for what you have done.
    Tom Dover WD4FFN
    Philanthropic 32 AFM
    York, S.C.

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